The 3 Best New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make To Boost Your Brand’s Media Exposure

By |janvier 6th, 2020|

It’s the same thing at the beginning of every new year – your belly is full after all the festivities while your press coverage inbox remains eerily empty. We reassure you though that you’re not the only one struggling with the annual PR drought that January brings. Did you know that the holiday season is […]

Alexa, turn on the TV!

By |novembre 25th, 2019|

Technology is turning the tech dreams of yesterday into the reality of today: Why European Consumers are still hesitating about smart home and how communication can help them to understand new ways of living.

From talking vacuum cleaners to intelligent refrigerators – Smart Objects everywhere
Smart light switches here, a talking refrigerator there: Smart living as an […]

[IFA special] 13 reasons why you should trust your brand to a PR agency at a big tech tradeshow such as IFA

By |septembre 4th, 2019|

Fear not, it has nothing to do with the eponymous Netflix show! Our thirteen reasons will actually help you make the most of a tradeshow and obtain earned media coverage that will not only give your brand exposure and public notice – it is also a synonym of credibility and brand solidity!

But before we start, […]

Relations Publics vs. Publicité – dans quoi investir ?

By |avril 19th, 2019|

Inventé par le neveu de Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays, dans les années 40 du siècle dernier, les relations publics ont évolué rapidement au cours du temps. Transformées par la digitalisation et l’essor des réseaux sociaux, les RP représentent aujourd’hui un marché qui se chiffre en milliards. Comme la publicité, les relations publics contribuent à augmenter […]